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Product Name:Fresh garlic

Original Retail Price:1.00Yuan/Plate
Market Reference Price:1.00
Member Price:¥1.00Yuan/Plate
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  Our base for production of quality planting garlic Yongnian garlic reasonable price, good quality, are exported to more than twenty provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and by users around favorite, welcome new and old customers call to visit us! Garlic is one of four hot vegetables, our company is located in the People's Republic of pollution-free garlic production base, characterized by Yongnian garlic garlic large, thin, flap fat, meat, fine, delicious, spicy and sweet, garlic juice, and viscous quit, always been regarded as superior spices, cooked with superb students. Yongnian garlic addition to food, there is a high medicinal value, the so-called "five poisons garlic solution", Yongnian garlic can not only sterilization, and for a unique effect of acute and chronic enteritis. In recent years, research found that taking the right amount of garlic, with lower cholesterol, control high blood pressure, colitis, inhibition of cancer cells and so to a certain extent.