Fresh garlic

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Product Name:Fresh garlic

Original Retail Price:1.00Yuan/Plate
Market Reference Price:1.00
Member Price:¥1.00Yuan/Plate
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  I produced the pickled garlic salt bright color, pure taste, no spots, no spots, no mechanical damage, no pesticide residues, white jade color, is a natural color, do not add any color, without any food additive, the key physical and chemical indexes meet the international standards of pickled garlic salt.

  I produced the pickled garlic salt are: A-level preserved garlic salt (200 ~ 260 / Kg), B stage cured garlic salt (260 ~ 380 / Kg), C-level salty pickled garlic (380 ~ 420 / Kg), D grade pickled garlic salt (420 ~ 560 / Kg), E-class salty pickled garlic (560 ~ 700 / Kg) of five levels according to their actual customers needs to buy. Our annual production levels of 3,500 tons of pickled garlic salt; generic packaging of 50 kg / plastic drum can also be customized according to user needs packaging; I produced the pickled garlic salt are mainly exported to Singapore, Canada, the United States, Eastern Europe, Japan and South Korea and other countries, welcomed the food companies, condiment company, import and export companies and other units come to call to discuss matters such as ordering!