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  Binchuan Qingshuihe shallot plant is  Mainly engaged in deep processing of products chives, dehydrated onion products include leaf, onion dry, crisp onion, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated ginger and other sulfur-free, shallot existing two plants, with a total area of 22,800 square meters The total building area of 12,500 square meters, of which 3,500 square meters workshop, storage warehouse of 8,000 square meters, office, staff quarters and other ancillary facilities of 2,000 square meters. All plant employees 86 people, long-term fixed 24 employees, managers and technical personnel 14 people 10 people in each of the seasonal employment of 50,000 people.

  Our company is the process of industrial development Binchuan shallot earliest series of product development in shallot, processing and marketing enterprises, since 1995, in line with local economic development of a business idea, Binchuan County in Dali Philippines Home Town Village water plant base established to promote the standardization of processing small shallot grown from onion seed selection, planting, disease control, mouse control and fertilizer management Cordyceps damage has accumulated rich experience. After nearly 10 years of development, our factory has been built guest home town as the center, radiation Camp, guest home farms, pollution-free chow three towns shallot production base, reaching

  10,000 acres of scale. Adopted in 2003, the Ministry of Agriculture certified pollution-free agricultural production base and the "Meeting Ken" brand pollution-free dehydrated chives certification. 10,000 acres through the construction of pollution-free base scallions, and chives over the years on products processing and sales, has accumulated a wealth of management experience, as the industrial development of shallot and laid a good foundation, led farmers to 9 thousand households.

  Our company is processing production lines, annual processing 480 tons dehydrated onion leaves, crisp fried onions

  4,500 tons, 400 tons of dehydrated onion dried, dehydrated 250 tons of sulfur-free ginger, fresh onion production capacity of 8,000 tons.

  After years of credit management, and customers to establish a good relationship, a stable

  Sales channels. Better quality products, very popular among consumers, products in short supply. Binchuan scallions for the development of the agricultural industry to make a positive contribution, and achieved good economic and social benefits.