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Terms of the transaction

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Terms of the transaction

Customers to accept delivery of goods ordered and at the same time, the obligation to comply with the following terms of the transaction. We reserve the notice to the right to modify these terms. You order at the company before it is delivered prior to or accept the company, please read the following terms:

Commodity prices order when you place your order online price of the Company shall prevail.

Clearly and accurately, please fill out your real name, shipping address and contact information. Orders caused by the following situations delay or failure distribution, the Company will not be responsible:

A. provide a detailed error message and does not address;

B. No sign for the goods delivered, the resulting duplication of delivery and related charges arising from the consequences.

C. Force Majeure, such as: natural disasters, transportation of martial law, emergency war.

Security: Whether you are a phone order or online ordering merchandise goods, we will guarantee the security of transaction information by authorized employees of the Company to process your order.

Privacy: We respect your privacy, in any case, we would not trade your personal and order information sold or disclosed to any third party (other than the national judiciary is accessible.) From the website or phone us to get all the customer information related only to process your order.

Disclaimer: as a result of force majeure or other causes beyond the control of the Company to enable the company sells a system crash or not work properly or can not be completed online transactions result in loss of related information, records, etc., the Company is not liable. But the company will try to help deal with the aftermath reasonable, and strive to make our customers from financial loss.

Client Monitoring: The company hopes to make unremitting efforts to provide the best customer service, the company provides services to clients in the whole process of the supervision of the clients.

Dispute Resolution: The Company unilateral compensation does not exceed the maximum limit of total customers to order products. If the client and any dispute between the Company may be based on the agreement was found between the two sides or the relevant laws to solve, either party may apply to the court.
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