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1, How to apply for return / replacement

(1) problems due to product returns

A, in the 7 days after receipt of the goods, if there is the problem, after consultations given immediately after we receive return returned. Returned when the customer needs, set properly to avoid damage to the product packaging, return of goods postage (surface mail) from the wholesale customers pay when we get the goods, is indeed confirmed a problem with our products, we will refund postage and 6 yuan level payment to your personal account, for the next use.

B, if a refund of the purchase price, we will pay by bank transfer or PayPal payment means payment in question be returned.

(2) replacement issues:

A. After you receive the product, if for their own subjective reasons, within 7 days after the arrival of the replacement procedures can handle the product.

B. In the replacement process, you need to take two-way shipping of goods.

C. If there are damaged, dirty, distorted or used products can not apply for a replacement procedures.

D. If the return process, damage or loss, etc., by the customer assume the risks in transit, we can not give a replacement.

E. replacement when you are in the company shipped to your marked Didan good products you want to change, and mail back together with packaging company, so we can help you with check processing.

(3) replacement process:

A. you by E-mail, online service QQ, customer service telephone contact with the customer service department.

B. Customer Service Department registered the information you want replacement, you can send the goods back to my company.

C. I have received your returned goods and acceptance of inventory, the goods will refund the amount equivalent to your pre-member deposits, and then you use my membership number to log onto our website after purchasing the product you need.

D. I received your new orders submitted to the goods you want sent to your address specified by you pay for postage.
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