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Simple shopping process

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Simple shopping process:

How to register?

A: You can click on the "Member Registration" to register. Registration is very simple, you just press up wizard can be asked to enter some basic information. In order to accurately serve you, please be sure to register fill in your real information, we will give you confidential. Enter the account to be 4-10 bits, use only letters, numbers, "-."

How to become a member?

A: You can click on the "Register" to register. Registration is very simple, you only need the system can be prompted to enter relevant information, please completed, be sure to check the complete accuracy of the content, and remember your member ID and password, so you want to query or Web site to order more of your services to verify your identity.

How to order online to buy, how an operating process?

A: This way and your way of shopping is very similar, you just follow our Categories page or enter the "Select by Location", "Select by feature" and follow the links page by page view path specified on it. Once the eyes on your favorite products, you can always click on the "Add to Cart" button to put it in "shopping cart." You can then press the "go to settlement" to pay. Our products are very rich, but you do not worry, we have set up each page in detail to understand the navigation bar, you will not get lost. The following is a detailed shopping process description:

1. Selection of merchandise

2. Add to Cart

3. Into the clearing house

4. User login, registration

If you are a returning customer, please enter your user name and password; if you are a new customer, please take a minute to register and set your password, click on "Sign up now."

5. Consignee information

6. Choose the shipping method

Fill in your region based on shipping method. Your region is China, and the scope of delivery, you can choose our free delivery service. Other areas we do not offer free delivery service. You can also select cash on delivery service, the scope of services see "payment" in the "cash on delivery services."

7. Choose your payment method

We offer payment are: cash on delivery, online bank payment, Paypal.

8. Order Confirmation

After all the above process you can click on "Submit Order", orders will be prompted to submit the page after the order number. Submit the order that you have read and accepted the tea valley "conditions of use." Your order that you wish to purchase tea Valley products that we will send you an e-mail order confirmation letter. This order confirmation only confirms that we have received your order, only when we send you a confirmation message or phone with you is confirmed, the order between us and your contract was established.

9. If you have any questions, please contact customer service