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How to order products?

You can first visit our website products. You see that you are satisfied with the product can achieve in order on our site. You can also contact our customer service website order.

I see your product through the site, I felt good, but I'm not always online, you can send pictures and description of some products for me?

A: Our website will from time to time for members to send e-mail product information. If you have not yet become our member, you can register on the website in our very convenient.

Please tell me the reason for shopping here, please?

We have the most professional team to ensure the quality of the product for you; learn more about our team go about our introduction;

All our products are in production, quality and after the test to the local departments. Ensure that you enjoy the most preferential price and enjoy the food safety and hygiene;

I have the goods you like, has purchased a lot, but some how been out of stock? Will not book?

Larger than the Web site customers to buy goods at any time may be out of stock, you can site on the "notice of arrival" button scheduled goods or direct contact to make appointments for our web site customer service order.

Why Register?

Only registered users can enjoy better prices.

Only registered users can log on "Member Center", to use more members shopping features to manage their own data.

Only registered users can register online to other friends messages.

How do forget your password?

In order to protect the interests of customers, we can not see your password. When you forget your password, please visit the registration page, click on "Forgot Password", the system will automatically email your password by telling you that you can log on "Member Center" to change the password, to ensure that your interests.