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Sales Manager(PositionNum:1People WorkPlaceName:昆明) Period has expired
Job Description

  First Job Description: There are more than one year sales experience.

  Second: to work independently and plans to sell.

  Third: to quickly roll products sales network.

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Secretary / Clerk / Assistant(PositionNum:1People WorkPlaceName:昆明) Period has expired
Job Description

  Job Description Working mode: full time

  Education: College and university

  Work experience: 1 years experience

  Job Scope: Yunnan

  Job description:

  1. Is responsible for participation in the work assigned by senior management, supervision, coordination and implementation;

  2. Responsible for the executive work of the implementation of direct communication and feedback;

  3. Responsible for assisting the General Manager to maintain key customer relationships;

  4. Responsible for reporting and internal posting of the draft document, amend the (important);

  5. Responsible for the corporate culture, the drafting of company annual work plan and other comprehensive presentation;

  6. Responsible for investigating reported cases, treatment in a timely manner to prevent loopholes in the workflow;

  7. Responsible for the arrangements for notification of meetings and conferences, the timely completion of proceedings, minutes of work, and after the follow-up written order to implement the spirit of the meeting;

  8. To establish a sound human resources management system, development of relevant recruitment, training, performance appraisal system program;

  9. For the sound development of the company in time to make reasonable


  Requirements 1. Full-time formal college education, Chinese, English, human resources, legal, administrative and other related professional preferred (Fresh graduates can apply for);

  2. Excellent writing skills and language skills;

  3. Familiar with various office software;

  4. Strong communication skills Good team player, having peace of mind steady, strong sense of responsibility;

  5. Open-minded, can play a proactive creativity;

  6. Have had newspaper editor experience is preferred.

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