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Get rich by: shallot tied to the business to make money

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  Jintan City, Jiangsu Province Village Baita Town tube, a small village edge of the wharf to sell onions, green onions because the price of today's early morning here is a shouting voice.

  Villagers: "We two baskets onions, 200 kilograms to sell this money."

  Villager: "order to sell a basket of onions 15 dollars."

  The villagers see the lowest since onions are not very happy, can the buyers are not necessarily more happy.

  Reporter: "money is not received onion?"

  The buyers: "Do not make money."

  Reporter: "do not make money you dry?"

  The buyers: "Is there any way do not make money."

  Reporter: "loss did not you?"

  The buyers: "must do, not do not."

  Reporter: "How much do you charge a pound of onions?"

  The buyers Zhaojin Lan: "closed 0.2 per pound."

  Reporter: "sell now?"

  The buyers Zhaojin Lan: "Sometimes pound 0.3 yuan, 0.2 yuan a catty sometimes sold, it does not make money, and do not make money but also give them the onion away."

  Village in the pipe, the reporter discovered a strange phenomenon, that is, the villagers said onions do not make money selling, the buyers would not come to make money. But from morning to night, there are still dozens of cars in the village received onion between the shuttle car, the farmers do not make money while shouting, while the bustling Wang Jushang move onions. Why is this in the end?

  Village of onion planting pipe just for farmers to use some corners had to make some pocket money. Later, some villagers found that usually sell onions, city residents to cook three meals a day that will always shallot sauce to purchase goods, the acquisition of shallot in the village every day, and shipped to the wholesale sale of Changzhou. A few years later, the hands of these people have regular customers, shallot to volume increases, they encouraged farmers to return to the village a large area planted chives.

  Wu Chun is the first group of network reselling scallions people.

  Wu, net spring onion economy: "there needs Changzhou onions, I bought a car, so give it a try, the first car made a 200 yuan income onions, then very happy, but also engage in a second car earned 500 yuan , the more you earn more. "

  Wu comes naturally spring to become the first network shallot economic man, then man team selling scallions start growing the economy, followed by growth in direct proportion to the planting area is scallions. Baita Town by the beginning of several acres, expanded to 7,000 acres, became a kind of onion tube Village professional village. Some economists were also due to become a famous millionaire traders scallions.

  Reporter: "Last year you do a conservative estimate, how much money last year?"

  Zhou Jin shallot economy book: "10 million."

  Farmer: "more than conservative."

  Reporter: "What do you expect?"

  Farmer: "I estimate that about 20 million, he last year bought a house in Jintan City."

  Reporter: "Where did you buy him?"

  Villager: "Phoenix."

  Reporter: "In the most expensive place?"

  Villager: "Phoenix."

  Reporter: "When will the most expensive pound of onions How much?"

  Zhao Jinlan shallot economic man: "When the most expensive 15 dollars a pound."

  Reporter: "They say you have millions of economic man?"

  Zhou Jin-Shu shallot economy: "Yes, people make money, I make money."

  Zhou Jin-known book is the local economy, one of the million, each year he can have more than 20 million in revenue. The farmers can earn at home acre of land on a million. Agents and farmers are making money, could have been a good thing, but then, some farmers are unhappy because they are always wise after the event to find himself lost a sale to sell onions.

  Villager: "how not to find the news will know to come and go, the message to come and go, the mobile phone to convey the fast."

  Reporter: "I know angry?"

  Villager: "angry, how not to get angry? Keep the prices down lower prices are more catty corner."

  Ordinarily shallot local economy is not booming economy so people can not be farmers because it is the door to sell onion, general economic value is what people say what price. But not the same day the price of onion, shallot growing season in particular is the most off-season price of scallions, onions this time more than the lowest price is the most messy.

  Village: "Winter must be 2 yuan more than a pound, a basket of onions have one or two hundred yuan. Are big ticket, a hundred dollars, are now ten to twenty million, twenty or thirty dollars a basket of onions, and when the best of times, summer and winter. "

  The seasonal price of shallot maximum difference of 10 times, when the vigorous growth in spring onion, a lot of people because of the economic output of a big city prices lower scallions, hard back to the village to keep the prices down.

  Wu, net spring onion economy: "obviously the market can be sold for 0.8 yuan to 1 dollar a pound, but the vendor is closing down 0.5-0.6 yuan from 0.2 yuan to 0.3 people pressure element, a two is not that much, the total increase up hundreds, dozens, the number on the big. "

  One off-season, farmers have found that trading is like war shallot, economic man driving a truck full of the village turn, the whole psychological warfare, Which will not bargain, prices can be kept higher, while the farmers are as seamlessly between Road, inquire about the onion prices with each other to see whether they sell low loss, constant, daily, two findings do not how better.

  Wu, net spring onion economy: "the people he sell a little higher, we are close to the lowest like onions, it is contradictory, and some stubborn people, and would not sell, he went to the altar to sell, is elsewhere to sell. "

  Gu Dongmei: "He keep the prices down we do not sell, we planted onions, people also want to make notes."

  Lower prices than the economy and the farmers on the effort, given the low price season brokers, farmers psychological simmering air, to the season, people find that they have not received the economic onion, and then a small town, onion prices high, farmers would rather their hard toss into the city, do not want the economy to have this make money away. This time, Wu net spring sit still, he called a few like him unable to endure the economic transactions between people, intend to set up an association, will be a rule.

  Wu, net spring onion economy: "We received the village green onions economic man who is stable, formed an association to give people a fixed price, as they planted onions, should give us long-term, fixed to us, such as your home planted two acres, planted an acre of his home, fixed to us, generally not allowed to give other people bought. "

  In 2004, Wu nets were set up in spring onion and other economic associations, and farmers made a fixed relationship between the association and not many people initially ignored, however, did not take long, we discovered that a fixed relationship seems to really be able to guarantee their own interests. Zhou Jin Zhao Jinlan book to our daughter, said her family's old customers have to onions to her, someone else can not sell at high prices, and similarly, how low the market price, onion is rotten onions that they have to take the couple away for others.

  Zhao Jinlan shallot economic man: "do not make money have to drag them there is always a loss when making money."

  Reporter: "In order to make money when they also give you green onions, right?"

  Zhao Jinlan shallot economic man: "when the delay to make money, not make money when not towing, the people did not believe me."

  Villager: "do not sell another car to always sell him, sell him high, they also do not have to sell him worthless."

  Villager: "2 million is to sell him, sell him is 0.2 yuan, it is always sold to him."

  Association with the oral agreement to form a fixed relationship between agents and farmers, we have considered the whole year afterwards account, you can not profit at a time regardless of short season. The Association of onion prices, the full reference to the price the day before, Changzhou, plus or minus one to two cents. The source added stability of a fixed purchase price, no one would dare to keep the prices down of the economy.

  Wanquan shallot economic man: "As we follow the Association of closing prices are to go green onions, because we are all get onions, they have high income, low income is the income we have not."

  Today, the economy in the village every day as long as a horn, and they will be understanding and cooperative relations between the farmers sell out of onions. Do not look now is the lowest when the onion, but the farmers have Dier psychology. Wu Chun is now the network president of the Association, his relationship now and farmers are particularly satisfied. Last year, he earned thirty million people rely on their possession of these economic Village, Changzhou Lingjiatang year shipped to the market near tons of chives. Here, the shallot is again in the wholesale, shipped to Suzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing