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Part of the acquisition of export standards and allium vegetables for variety

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  Sold to countries and regions: onions, fresh onions mainly export, followed by dehydration of onion slices. Yellow to yellow flesh and white onion and dehydrated onion slices the most popular, mainly exported to Japan, South Korea and parts of Europe, a small amount sold to China's Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  Acquisition criteria: international marketing onion yellow ball and white ball. Requirements bulb large, crisp texture, compact, good quality. A diameter of 8cm or more products bulb. Second Grade diameter 6-8cm, 6cm diameter less defective. To keep the bulb diameter 1.0-1.5cm cut off together. And called onion intact, no worms visible mold, no mechanical damage, no dry or soft, clean surface.

  For variety: There Lianyungang 84-1, Tianjin flood peach, yellow, etc. Beijing. Especially for the preservation of Lianyungang 84-1 onion export most of the species to high pile of spherical bulb spherical, diameter 8-10cm, light yellow skin, yellow and white house, meat crisp and detailed, Symplectic lighter flavor, good quality. Onion

  Sold to countries and regions: mainly exported to Japan and the United States and Europe, some sold to China's Hong Kong and Macao regions, the food company or the acquisition of vegetable processing plants, fresh or processed for distribution abroad, including fresh green onions are exported to Japan and China are close to Hong Kong and Macao.

  Acquisition criteria: onions, including shallots, chives, onions and green onions Hu, at present, is mainly exported in onion and chives. Mainly used for the acquisition of the sub-frozen or dehydrated onion processing requirements of fresh green leaves, no yellow tip, leave the stem white, soft texture. Unaged, false stem diameter 1-1.5cm, no pests and mechanical damage, not dry, not bad bad, and pollution. Mainly used for the acquisition of fresh chives, in addition to the acquisition of the same sub-standards the majority of onion, leave the stem smaller for the 0.5-0.6cm.

  Suitable varieties: varieties of small onions, shallots for Chinese exports and Japanese bunching onion yellow onion, Department of nine. Chive Chinese chive with Japanese Sumi and shallot.